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There's a Rotten Potato in my Lazy Susan

Here's the story, for those who want to stay informed. For those who would rather live their lives in the darkness (not so dissimilar from a Russett, should we say...?) feel free to X out of the page and live your daily lives as usual. The wise crackers, the do gooders, the Debbie Downers who recently have turned to Deborah Deborah's, you are here for one reason only, and this is to dismantle the rotten potato one more time.


I have a lazy Susan, and you might as well change my name to the object, for it is me who is lazy. I'm scared to touch this gross old thing, it's been in there for months, and I just don't want to touch it. I have rubber gloves, I'm not raw dogging this rotten Russett by any means no sir, just simply and humbly don't want to fuckin' touch it as it is gross. Thus, the potato is still rotten, and still lazy, and I'm Susan, and you're Russett, and all of this sucks shit. I have absolutely 0 vision - do I want to run a telehealth thing or like open an allergy friendly cafe? I don't know, I don't care, I've got a potato trying to grow another potato from him own bum bum, and it's straight up just lookin' like the devil's prolapse from whence she came in Albany.

Who gives a fuck about the Lazy Susan, when there's a Robbie Rotten (Russett)? Triple R, don't you know. Family Feud rules when it's clipped down to Youtube Short length - I think Steve Harvey was playing with a 6D Abacus to predict the algorithm that hard, to be honest. I think he probably has a psychic in Atlantic City that gives him incredible business ideas - such as but not limited to that iconic mustache. I don't think I've ever seen a more iconic wearable (hairable) asset on the face of a Game Show Host. I capitalized this only because I wonder how he would react in a wild wacky situation other than someone accidentally saying, "booty" instead of "duty" in front of the Harv. That's always wacky as shit, and I don't miss that motherfucker to be honest. Howie Mandel was always incredible, and he accidentally posted a prolapse.

Here's what I do miss: LINGO! Does anyone remember that shit? Holy hell, buncha balls, gotta spell some shit, what the fuck, was that Regis Philbin? Was that another one of Regis' shows? Who hosted Lingo?

I googled it and a picture of RuPaul came up - what's his involvement? Chuck Woolery was my host back in the day - holy shit, RuPaul, hosting Lingo? That fucking rules, dude. I think Ru Paul would want me to get that Russett out of my Susan and stop being lazy, so I guess I'll go do that now. Have a great night.

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1 Comment

Jul 17, 2023

beautiful, do you need a co writer?

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