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Diary of A Wimpy Ahh

Greg Heffley. Dude, wait what? Hold on.

Greg Heffley. This dude was the dude if you were a dude, or chick, or whatever you knew you were back in the day. The Scholastic Book Fair came about, and if you were a rich bitch with the good parents, you had a fat $20.00 bill to go buy you some books. But they just got those pencil grippy things, or those scented erasers, and this is how they established dominance over you. There, in the library, on the playground, everywhere, you were absolutely nothing if you didn't have those grippy thangs on you.

Then, you had the guy who had Diary of A Wimpy Kid.

"That's lame!"

"What is that?"

Then they realize, oh wow, what, there are pictures? Yeah, man, the whole book is like a comic book, but it's about this kid, right? We're all kids here, yeah? Greg's relatable. He hates school, I hate school. I hate my bitch brother, so does he. Me and the Heff? One in the same. You might as well call me Greg, man.

Enter the cheese touch.

God Damn, if you were ugly, you had the cheese touch. Just didn't matter. Or you were just Fregley. Did you ever have a Fregley?

Anyways, those Scholastic book fairs rocked. Manny sucked, Rodrick was the hustler, and Dog Days ruled.

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